Wandering Away to Myths


I see the trend of people looking at myths and legends to ground their truth. Maybe it is the Halloween season and the world of myths is in the forefront. What concerns me is it isn’t people who don’t know God. It is the knowledgeable people who know the truth of God who are mixing dogmas and theories to please their lifestyle, to make how they are living seem right. That is dangerous territory. They have itchy ears so they scratch them with words that suit what they want in life.  They think they know what they are looking for, but find cold  fake satisfaction instead of love and safety of home.  They are dealing with troubles in their head and are not looking at the doctrine of truth to find their answers in the heart of God.  They are searching for that relief of their soul that won’t come until they find the only one who can give it freely. All the false teachers they fashion to suit what they want to hear give them fake assurances of love and life. Don’t see it? Look at what is trending in the media. This was foretold, just like the end that is fast approaching.  I am not a doomsdayer or an apocalyptic preacher. I am a Christian who grounds my faith in the word of God.

All we can do is keep speaking the truth in love. It isn’t up to us to make them listen, force them to hear, or shout it to them as reprimands. We have to keep living it, walking the talk and praying for them.  We can’t judge them, we must be persistent speaking truth even if it is uncomfortable to us.  We can’t stop. We can’t be distracted by what we see and hear that seems to make sense but is in direct conflict to the word of God.

There is a thin line we have to walk. We must love them not what they do. We must do the work of an evangelist without judgement. That is difficult for us broken humans. It is easy to judge and think, “I wouldn’t do that.” or “Oh my that is wrong wrong wrong, tsk tsk.”  That is not in tune with the spirit of God. That is not love.  We must convince them and rebuke false ministry with the word of God.

As we see more of the fantasy of evil we can’t let the fun trendy things suck us in, creep into our hearts and twist our faith. We just can’t allow that to happen. Arm yourself with prayer and the word. It is going to be a rough ride. Love them, don’t join them in the myth.

(Read 2 Timothy 4:1-4)


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