Light Through Yonder Tunnel Breaks

I have finished my very last assignment for my master’s degree and I am looking at the last week of classes next week. I have loads of bibliophile things to share with you after I am finished. I have book notes, a reading journal and a readers advisory web site I am hoping to combine with this blog. There is a lot of good stuff coming!

Today is thanksgiving and I am thankful for you! For reading this blog for sharing my journey and for just being you. Being a writer is a solidary thing for the most part until I share words and get feedback from readers. It does not mater if that response is negative or positive. If I learn from it then it is always a good thing. For that I am thankful.

So,  as I look into the light of the end of the tunnel of a long haul that started with a dream that maybe I could work around books and maybe I could contribute words, I am thankful for the adventure and the people who have shared in the ride.

To your and yours, Happy THanksgiving! May God bless you!


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