Bookish Recycling

I read this article where someone took an old console television and did this!

I found instructions here. I going to ask my husband if he wants to take on this project. If not I will have to get someone to help me just move this old thing.It is deceivingly heavy.

Now I am in the look out for other things I can used for book storage. I was sort of pouting that I have run out of shelf space, when in reality I was not using my noodle, as my grandson would say. There are all sorts of things we could turn into a book holding device.

Look at this cool idea, I see books on that too, don’t you!

Here is another great idea!

Are you feeling book-silly inspired now? I sure am!

I am off to see what other cool ideas I can discover! I will keep you posted! 😉


I have been thinking about prayer. I say things to people I know like, “I will pray for you.” or “Prayers ascending.” Most of the time, almost all the time, I stop right then and say a prayer for that person in my head and heart. If the timing is right and depending on the person I pray with them. I feel that it is better to pray right then instead of waiting. People have different prayer rituals. Some write the first name of the person and the issue down. I do that in an official capacity in my duties as a member of Daughters of the King. Others just say prayers from memory. I think it isn’t the process that we use more than it is the simple fact that we pray.We commit to do something intimate for others, we promise to take their name to our God in prayer. 

I have often struggled with the fact that prayer should not be a chore. “Oh I have to pray today.” That is not true prayer. I do my best not to pray when I am in that sort of mood. Then there is guilt of telling someone you would pray for them and forgetting to. It is a broken promise that they will never know about but you know and so does God.  “Let me pray real quick.” Don’t bother….yes God will hear and He knows. Just the fact you thought of someone and that you needed to pray, is prayer enough. Don’t insult God by making it a duty. Prayer is a conversation between your heart and the heart of God. It is a connection of your spirit to His. You don’t have to do anything but acknowledged He is there and He knows what is in your heart.

Praying for others is like an offering to God. You place others first in your heart and mind before your own needs. “Love thy neighbor as yourself” in a whole new way. Love them by giving them to God. This is a powerful act. Especially when that person isn’t interested in God or you telling them they should pray. “You should pray about it.” No thank you they may say, so you pray for them anyway.

The ultimate prayer for others is pray God will act in the life of a atheist. It is very overwhelming to pray for them and see evidence in their life that your prayers were answered. They won’t believe you if you tell them it was your prayer, but it is so powerful of a testimony when you see them change and come to love God. It is something that my words can not do justice to the experience. It is that quiet love of God that is the most amazing to me.

I think we will be surprised when we see how exactly important prayer is in the kingdom of God. I certain that it is the faithful prayers known and unknown that give power to the Christian spirit.



Feeling Guilty

I was sitting here feeling guilty about not going to church. I feel I have a valid reason for not going. I have been up coughing all night and I really don’t want to sit in the pew hacking all through the service. It doesn’t matter that I feel I have a good reason to stay home. I still feel guilty for not going. I began to wonder why do I feel this way? There is nothing biblical that says thou must attend church every Sunday. There is the mandate about keeping the Sabbath Holy in the big ten. Can you keep the Sabbath Holy without going to church? That is debatable I know. Everyone has an opinion about it. Some say no you can not keep the sabbath Holy without going to a Holy place. Others say yes you can keep it holy. All of that is opinion, but doesn’t answer the questions about why do I feel guilty for not going to church today?

I have searched in the Bible and there are verses about being in the company of other Christians. None of which say it must be on the Sabbath or on Sunday. I thought about why I go to church and why it is important to me. I analyzed why is the Sabbath Holy, which lead me to when exactly is the Sabbath? Some scholars say Saturday and others  say Sunday. None of this research explained why I felt guilty for not going to church. Then this line of thought could go all the way into what is the correct church, and I do not want to go there today. I just don’t have the strength.  I have written my opinion on a previous post, and I quote ” The church is not the building, domination, or the religion. The church is the people. US! ME and YOU! We Christians are the Church… God’s church. We are to represent His Son, Jesus, in this world. No matter what church building you decide to enter, you are part of God’s church.”

I then decided the best idea was take it to God in prayer. I asked God why do I feel guilty for not going to church? You and I talk all the time. I do go regularly and take communion. I study the Bible often, not every day, but a few days a week. The more I talked to God about it, the less guilty I felt.  I know that Church is not the place but the people….all people who love God.

Then it hit me.

This guilt I feel is human inflicted. I was always taught that you go to church on Sunday. It was more than just going, you make a point to be quiet, reflective on your human condition of being a sinner, and you do not work on Sunday. That not working includes no household chores except cooking and cleaning up after. Well, I have already broken the no work rule. I work at the library on Sunday and I (gasp) often do laundry on Sunday afternoons after church. This guilt is not from the belief that I am breaking some mysterious commandment. My guilt comes from the human tradition that was passed to me by others. I am not saying that the adults in my life when I was younger or the adults in my life now are at fault. I am not condemning them for their opinion of the tradition or their belief that they were being a good Christian influence on me that caused my guilt is a bad thing. It is their tradition and their belief. Truly the fact that I feel guilty is of no one’s fault but my own. The guilt I have is self-inflicted because I believed tradition over Biblical truth.

There is biblical truth about being in the company of Christians, honoring God on the Sabbath. That is truth. There is no biblical basis for my guilt. God loves me no matter if I go into a church or not. He wants me to live my faith, in the image of Jesus Christ every day and everywhere not just on Sunday in church.

SO if you are feeling guilty today about not going to church,  relax, you are in good Christian company.

Looking For Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg Gilmore

I am not sure what I was thinking I would get out of reading this book. It has a colorful cover and a cute title that gives the impression that it will be a light fun time reading it. It is full of humor for a girl who is not a grown up and not a child. In this book Catherine Grace Cline tells you more than you want to know about her family and her life growing up in Ringgold, GA. You think you are reading a child’s tale about her momma dying, her preacher father and her extended family then you realize you are reading a story about the inner workings of a girl’s mind as she comes to terms with life and the reality that grown ups are not always who they seem. The perfect adults in our life are just lowly humans after all. 

Somewhere between the Dilly Bars and tomatoes Gilmore’s book speaks to the normal life we have and the dream of life we wish we were living. Catherine Grace Cline finds salvation, not at the Dairy Queen but in her strength and lessons she learned while trying to escape the mundane. There is something in the way Gilmore gives voice to what we all think of in our own dreams of a carefree adulthood to only realize that life is full of responsibility and obligations whether we like it or not.

Together Tea by Marjan Kamali

Together Tea is sweet tale about mothers, math, friendship, love,  and daughters. In her debut novel Kamali introduces us to Darya and her family. They are refugees from Iran who are living in New York. Darya makes several failed attempts to marry Mina to a suitable husband. Growing up in  Tehran till she was 13, Mina has learned that cultures do not remain the same when they leave their original home to mix in the melting pot of the USA.

After another failed attempt of Darya to marry Mina off to a Iranian American, Mina decides to go back to Tehran. Darya invites herself along for the trip. Mina finds love where she wasn’t looking for it. In the process Mina and her mother Darya discover a new relationship.

Together Tea is a heartfelt story that will show you a depth of a mother’s love and a daughter’s search for herself that in the end, both mother and daughter discover that life is not what it seems on the surface.

B I N G O…….

 I am planning to read 50 books this year as a challenge to myself. You can see my progress on my “about” page. I found this little gem to help with motivation. I just have to share this with you! It is bookish bingo! I only wish I had thought of it myself. If I start it I have to fill it in! My OCD won’t let me start it and not finish it!

Here is the link!

Book was there: Reading in Electronic Times by Andrew Piper

I am first struck by the fact that Piper says that this book is about the relation of us to books. He starts with hands. That is precisely why I prefer a printed book over a digital reader. I know you can hold an ereader. I have a nook, but I prefer a book. He said the “crowded heavy compressed” feel of it. I have that sense when I read on a computer too. It feels less light and heavier in my brain and exhausting. His description is clear to me. I found myself saying yes I agree. 

Another idea Piper has is the concept that “Book has a face”. Intriguing thought. I never thought of book with a face. I think about the images the words make in my imagination, sometimes it is a face. As I was reading Pipers chapter about the face I was thinking more about the concept of first impression. People want to give their best first impression. Is it that the author through writing books want us the reader to see the books best face, (put your best face forward) the best first impression?

I worked my way through the rest of Piper’s book. I felt like this book drug on and on. I did have a few “Ah Ha” moments, but they were few and far between. The major takeaway I have with this book is that books are important things that we should cherish despite the form of which we have them. They are meant to be shared. Also that it is the very act of reading that is important.  I agree with most of his premise that we must have an intimate connection to books, but to be honest, I did not develop one with his book.

I am not saying that reading Book was there: Reading in Electronic Times was a waste of time. It certainly held some interesting ideas, but it is not light reading.