Together Tea by Marjan Kamali

Together Tea is sweet tale about mothers, math, friendship, love,  and daughters. In her debut novel Kamali introduces us to Darya and her family. They are refugees from Iran who are living in New York. Darya makes several failed attempts to marry Mina to a suitable husband. Growing up in  Tehran till she was 13, Mina has learned that cultures do not remain the same when they leave their original home to mix in the melting pot of the USA.

After another failed attempt of Darya to marry Mina off to a Iranian American, Mina decides to go back to Tehran. Darya invites herself along for the trip. Mina finds love where she wasn’t looking for it. In the process Mina and her mother Darya discover a new relationship.

Together Tea is a heartfelt story that will show you a depth of a mother’s love and a daughter’s search for herself that in the end, both mother and daughter discover that life is not what it seems on the surface.

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