Looking For Salvation at the Dairy Queen by Susan Gregg Gilmore

I am not sure what I was thinking I would get out of reading this book. It has a colorful cover and a cute title that gives the impression that it will be a light fun time reading it. It is full of humor for a girl who is not a grown up and not a child. In this book Catherine Grace Cline tells you more than you want to know about her family and her life growing up in Ringgold, GA. You think you are reading a child’s tale about her momma dying, her preacher father and her extended family then you realize you are reading a story about the inner workings of a girl’s mind as she comes to terms with life and the reality that grown ups are not always who they seem. The perfect adults in our life are just lowly humans after all. 

Somewhere between the Dilly Bars and tomatoes Gilmore’s book speaks to the normal life we have and the dream of life we wish we were living. Catherine Grace Cline finds salvation, not at the Dairy Queen but in her strength and lessons she learned while trying to escape the mundane. There is something in the way Gilmore gives voice to what we all think of in our own dreams of a carefree adulthood to only realize that life is full of responsibility and obligations whether we like it or not.

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