To Tuscany with Love By Gail Mencini

It took me some time to get into this book. It starts slow but the momentum picks up. Eventually, it rolls right on by.  It is a story about reaching that place in life where you are no longer a child btu a young adult who accepts the love and loss of life. A group of college kids spend a summer together in Italy becoming friends. They then return to their lives and reunite thirty years later. That is when the story picks up and gets interesting.

This book is not a total waste of time, but be ready for it to take a while to grab your full attention. I usually don’t tough it out. I more often than not, just chunk a slow starting book, but something told me to hang on the next chapter would get better. Eventually it did. If you have time to stick with it this book is worth the time it takes to get to the end.

The one thing that it has going for it are the characters. Though the scenes drag and slow up progress the people in the story are wonderful. I think wanting to know more about them is why I kept reading. On that fact alone Gail Mencini may one day prove to be a brilliant writer.

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