Easter is the Begining

I was double churched this Easter. I got up and went to my church of choice, the Episcopal church and participated in Holy Communion. Directly after my husband wanted to surprise his father so  we went to a primitive Baptist church. I had this sneaky feeling that if the people at the Baptist church knew I came directly from the Episcopal church they may have asked me to walk back out that door I had just walked in. Maybe not, but I am sure thy would have tried to convince me of the error of my ways.  I think we spend so much time worrying about the differences in our religions, what is right, what is true, who is right and who is wrong that we forget that it is not the path to God that is important it is the final destination that matters and the love we show others along our way.

To me the events leading up to Jesus’s crucifixion is about what the people around Him in power thought was right and wrong.  When you read the story of Jesus it appears that Easter, the resurrection and ascension  Jesus is the end of the story. We know it’s not. It was intended to end His story, but He appeared to many afterwards and is as the Bible says “seated at the right hand of the Father”.

What does this mean for us? It means that we can live unafraid. It means that if we trust God death is not the end for us or at least not a bad end. I don’t know what happens to us after this life. I know that when I die I will go to be with God. I can’t say that for anyone but for myself. Each one of us has to know that in our own soul, in our own heart and in our own mind. It is an intimate understanding between the person and God. What I do know is that when you die you will go some place. The some place is between you and God.

I choose to believe the Bible. I choose to believe that God sent His son to die on a cross and then that same God lifted His son out of that grave to “go prepare a place” for me. For me to get to that place I must love God, love His son and love all others with a servant heart. Also, I must trust God as His word that I am loved. It is really that simple for me.

The fact of what church I chose isn’t the deciding factor. It is my wish that everyone will one day understand that truth. It isn’t about religion it is about love. It is about God’s love.