Life After Life by Kate Atkison

Life after Life is a captivating story about one girl who is reborn to many lives. This book is gorgeously written and can be at times exhausting as Ursula Todd lives out various lives and dies repeatedly.  In a way, it’s a meditation or a dream of the way depending on Ursula’s choices and sometimes not, of her life that offers different paths. It was not an easy book to read or follow. It was not something I could read in a crowded room. Once I was distracted I had to read back through, which took extra time to finish the book. I finally listened to the audio book to finish it.  It was addicting to see what she would do next, how would this scene play out in the next life she led, but beyond that, it was often flat and depressing.

Atkinson is a brilliant writer and I would read her work again. She has a way of manipulating your thoughts while reading which is not an easy task for any writer. I would like to see what she could do with a happier story line.

Overall, I Recommend  Life after Life, but I suggest that you read only this book. Do not try to read others at the same time. Bouncing to another story would make this one more difficult to digest.

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