Not Here

I was looking at the books that are coming out over the next month and it struck me that a lot of the fiction books are either mystery, the who done it kind or fantasy. Why is it that as a society we are trying, the only way we know how to escape and check out of reality? It isn’t just books its movies, television and social media too.

We do not want to live in our reality. We focus on the shiny little box in our hand. We read books that are about imaginary lives and we watch movies about fantastical creatures and places. We do all that we can to escape our lives. We do what we must but then we fade out to some place else. We spend less time face to face with life and more time focusing on the what if. What is the draw that keeps us going back to that sort of thing? What makes us want to live through the characters of a good fantasy book or movie? What causes us to pick up our phone and read the fabricated lives of people who say they are our friends on social media?

I think the answer is a simple one, it is who we are. It is hard-wired into our brains that we come from better. That our source of life force is not of this reality. We long for that other place. The place that will fill us with the feeling of home. We struggle day by day to create that atmosphere of adventure. We filling that empty longing with fantasy that only satisfies for a minute then we are on to the next thing to satisfy that curiosity of looking for our home, where we belong, our place that makes sense. We justify it as participating in the norm of life.  This is the thing to do. We may try to abstain for a bit, but find that the pull is too hard to fight. We have to pick up the phone to see who posted what, we have to watch that popular movie or show and we must read that next best-selling fantasy novel.

We want what we do not have on earth, we want to be in the presence of something  grand, exciting, adventurous. We need to fill that desire for the other world out there. We need to live that fantastical life through that character, whether it be in a book, movie or someone who appears to be living the perfect life on the social surface.

Jesus said, ““My kingdom is not from this world.” (John 18:36). As children of God, we can’t feel satisfied here. We will not feel that complete rightness of place until we are home in the presence of God. Each of us have to live our journey to that place. We can’t dictate the path of others, but travel along with them to reach home. We can’t help longing for what we do not have, looking for adventure around the next corner, or wishing it was us who had that great life. We want to be home. We are aliens from a strange land and we want to go be with Him. We want God to save us from this and take us to where He is. We miss home.

We can search and search but we will not find it here. It isn’t here.