The Forever Girl by Alexander McCall Smith

I loved this book. It is a story about why we should never make assumptions but always speak our mind. If we speak our feelings we won’t have to endure the sadness of assuming incorrectly. If the sweet girl, Clover in this book had just spoken her feelings, we would not have had this story. Smith’s charming, light,  prose is oversimplified and somehow ordinary. After the depressing subjects I have been reading recently, I was thrilled at the casual pace of this book. I found myself talking to the characters out loud asking them if they were crazy, to realize I was the crazy one. I was completely absorbed in this love story from the beginning to the very last page.  It was frustrating that I could see that they were making the silliest assumptions about each other. The Forever Girl is the type of story we read chick lit for, but is not as cheesy as some romance stories. It isn’t really a tragic love story either,but borderlines one for a few chapters. It is a gentle read and a perfect summer beach book.

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