Why do we love books?

This world is divided into three types of people. Those who love to read, those who don’t love reading or even like reading and those who haven’t learned to read. For those who haven’t learned to read it could be that they are too small yet or just have never had the opportunity. For those who do not like reading, they see reading as a chore, often something that is forced upon them. For those who love reading there is in their ranks levels of reading love. Some just casually read and say they enjoy it. Then there are those who see reading as essential as breathing. I am in that latter group. I am one of those who cannot go a day or sometimes an hour without picking up a book, magazine, web page or a cereal box without reading….I have to read something. Compulsive, certainly. Crazy, insane and not normal,  maybe. The only other alternative to reading is writing or working in the library. By working in the library I am constantly reminded that reading is close at hand and knowing that will suffice my reading obsession for a time. By writing I am reading and rereading as I spin the tale in my head and that is just as gratifying as reading some other author’s words, almost.

Why do people love reading? What makes the act of holding a book in your hand and reading the printed words on a page so valuable that we often do it for hours and hours on end. How is it that language is such a seductive thing that we must read what others put to paper or screen in such quantities to match the stars in the sky?

I have vowed to read 50 books this year and I am far behind schedule. It is not that I am slacking in my love for reading or my desire. I am just a busy person like you. The trick is balancing your love for books and the rest of your life. That can be tricky. When the balancing act gets heavy on the book obsession side then you could be considered insane. If you aren’t careful your family could have you committed.

I decided to risk the padded cell and men in the white coats. I chose to read every spare second I can get. I chose to stack books in every free corner in my house. I chose to live, breathe and love books.


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