The Book of Bright Ideas by Sandra Kring

I have to admit, I am not much of a chick lit reader. I was looking for something light and happy to read, so I picked this up just because of the cover alone. I thought this looks like a happy-go-lucky chick lit book. It is short so I thought I would give chicklit a shot. I was wrong.

What I read made me laugh out loud for real and cry like my heart was breaking at other parts. It is a story about two lost girls one 20 something and one 9 years old. Freeda, the older sister is running from life and the little sister, Winnalee is running to life. They find themselves in a small town full of friendly county farmers and begin to consider to stop running. For a Summer, they impact their neighbors in life altering ways that last for years.

The book is written in first person in the voice of Evelyn, otherwise known as Button. She is also 9 years old. She becomes friends with Winnalee and they spend the summer looking for fairies. Button has a knack for spying on adults and the twists and turns of adult relationships a spun through the pages as Button opens her big ears and listens when she shouldn’t.

This book was fun and light as well as heartbreaking.  Great characters and a good if not somewhat predictable ending. I found myself hating that it was over, then I discovered a sequel!


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