Have you ever….

Have you ever woke up and just said..”No, I just don’t want to do life today. I think I will stay right here.”

Have you ever just given up on life? Maybe you didn’t think about suicide, maybe you did. Maybe you just didn’t want to participate in living.

Have you ever just said, “I don’t want to play today.”

Maybe you can’t take another hit, another let down, or another crisis.

Have you ever just called in to work just because you couldn’t do it again.

Maybe you even sent you significant other’s call straight to voice mail because you just don’t want to hear it again.

Maybe you have looked at that negative bank account and realized you may not eat this week.

Life…it’s hard. It’s hard in a million ways. It can knock you down and kick you while you are flat on your butt and can’t move. Life is an evil B*&#@. It will take your last dime, suck away your last grain of motivation, and laugh at you while you beg for mercy. As you are dropping tears in the dark that no one sees, that no one cares about, hurting and wanting it all to just go away, life will say, “but there’s more” and you will get all that again and worse that the first fifty rounds.

Have you ever thought, “Who’s going to miss me? Who will care if I just don’t show up today?”

We have all been there. We have all said or thought these things….at least once in life….sometimes more than once.

There is an answer….I know you know in your heart that there is someone who cares about you…If you didn’t’ believe that then you wouldn’t be here to read this today.

I know that when life zaps your energy you feel weak and just can’t find the joy that you once had.

I can tell you that there is an answer, WAIT. I know seems so simple….just wait.

Wait for God to renew your strength. Wait for the right time to move. Wait for the right moment. Wait just a minute or two…maybe a day, week, month….year.

Stand on His word and wait with a purpose. Look in that drawer where you stuck that book..get out that Bible, dust it off and READ it.

Trust your gut. Don’t let someone else tell you what you know is right.

Pray…seek out His comfort. Pray for light, for guidance, for peace, just PRAY.

Wait for the power of His spirit. Trust with your heart in what you know is true.

God will give you the power  and strength to carry on.

There is one more thing….when you know it is time to move, when God says get up out of that hole you put yourself in or that life threw you in…don’t hesitate….MOVE.

Get up and go through the motions of life. Take your kicking screaming inner self to the shower, get dressed and go to work, school…or wherever you are supposed to go…but GO.

Grab that second wind, hold on with all you got and ride it to where you are destined to go. Tell that mountain to get out of your way, learn your mission, grab your armor, your sword and go.  Find that road to Zion and start walking.

Will you feel better, maybe. Will life get better, maybe…maybe not, but you can’t let the bad things in life win. You have the power and your know the source.

Now show that B*&#@,life who’s boss and who’s got your back!