every day by David Levithan

There is something simplistic in this story that hooked me and angered me from the beginning. The person, thing, being who tells the story wakes up inside a different body every day. The book starts on day 5994, so we know he/she is not brand new. The story twists and turns throughout normal and not so normal days as the being lives the life of a different person every day. The mundane things we just do, shower, work, school, family relationships are all a challenge for the being who calls itself “A”.

I am not sure if Levithan intended for the reader, me in this case, to react with anger. I was mad that A seemed so heartless and unconcerned as he/she attempted to not interfere with the lives of the bodies he/she inhabited. I understand that a life can’t be changed in a day, or can it? The being can’t control who it will be in day after day,but it can control what happens during that day, than moment and that second. A is selfish and yet concerned about the host at the same time which causes great conflict in the reader. This feeling angers me in ways that I truly don’t understand, which in turn is pulling me to read more of Levithan’s work. Maybe that is the intent. I have to know if this character is unique or if this schism in the character’s personality is normal for this writer.

I hesitate to continue my rant, because I want more of you to read this book and tell me if you feel the same after you close it.

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