Fifty Shades of Dark-matter

I usually stick to reviewing books here, but since the Fifty Shades of Grey movie started as a book, I think this will be just fine here. I watched the rated version, not that I am some sort of prude who can’t watch sex in movies. It just happened to be the only option on my pay per view channels and I was too lazy to search out the other unedited unrated version.

The movie, sex aside, was an intensive struggle between dark and light. The dark matter that resides somewhere deep in Christian Grey’s soul is drawn to the light and love that radiates in Anastasia’s soul. He is pulled to her and admits that he can’t stay away. She takes tentative steps into his darkened side, samples what she finds there and in the end it leaves her sad and heartbroken.

Not having read the second two books, yes I read the first one, I have no way of knowing if the light wins over dark in the end, but I have the tendency to think that light and love always win. We are wired and created to seek light. No matter how dark and twisted we are there is something in the core of us that seeks out what is good and what is love. It is our choice to follow that pulling of light or to ignore it. We may enjoy the darkness for a time, but to live in it is against our nature to desire to stay there. The danger lies in allowing the dark matter to envelop us and trap us. Then we are stuck until some form of light comes close enough for us to feel the pull again.

It is dangerous to flirt with darkness. Mr. Grey tells innocent Anastasia he is not the man for her because he knows the darkness is no place for her light. So it is with all of us. We can find ourselves in the pit of darkness looking for no way out or we can find ourselves comfortable there in the dark. We would rather stay there, (“It is just how I am”, says Mr. Grey) because it is painful when the light forces us to face the darkness within us. That realization hurts. This conflict of light and dark I think E.L. James gets right and the movie adoption gets it right as well.

As for the book, I did not enjoy the writing style. It was stoic and mechanical. Reminded me too much of a bad Harlequin romance for my taste. However, I must know if the light defeats the darkness in this story so I may force myself to suffer thought the horrid phases and the doggerel of it to find out what happens. If I do read it, I will let you know.



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