Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Discovery_of_Witches_Cover I just finished reading Discovery of Witches and I am feeling sort of lost. I can’t believe it just ends. I can’t get to the library quick enough to get the next book in the trilogy Shadow of Night. To say the book is similar to the Twilight series is a fair statement, but the All Souls Trilogy exceeds that story in multiple ways. All Souls is researched much more thoroughly than the Twilight story. Where  Meyer scrapes the surface of romance with a vampire, Harkness delves in detail the history of vampires and other creatures in such a way that you find yourself believing it is fact not fiction. When Diana, the witch and heroine of the story explains alchemy and Mathew, the vampire explains history you are right there beside them. Not to mention the sexiness of Mathew is more hot and thrilling than Christian Gray, Edward and Jacob combined.

BBC is working on a movie based on the All Souls Trilogy. Can’t wait to see how they manipulate and portray all the magic and intoxicating elements of this story.

This book will leave you breathless, tingling and begging for more.


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