The Beekeeper’s Ball by Susan Wiggd

imageThe Beekeeper’s Ball is the second book in the Bella Vista series following The Apple Orchard.

The second book in the Bella Vista Chronicles was as captivating as the first. There are still scenes with Tess and Dominic in this story but it focuses more on Isabel. Similarly to The Apple Orchard this book bounces from present day to the past. As the book delved deeper into history, an entire portion of the book described the Nazi invasion of Denmark and sheds light on the back story into what Magnus, Eva and Annelise endured.

This series is my first encounter reading Susan Wiggs. She has a style that is easy and interesting.The writing is a bit simplistic, which makes it an easy read. The voice of the book is consistent with the first and is just as intense. I found myself reading every chance I got just to see what happens next. Some parts were a bit slow and mundane but never for too long. I am looking forward to the next installment of the Bella Vista Chronicles.

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