How I see it

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I like to shake things up sometimes. My combination blog and book reviews with an occasional Sunday school life lesson thrown in is evidence of my cracked observations. Today, my dear reader will be no exception.

I watched the entire GOP debate last night. For my unpolitical self that was a true feat in endurance and patience. I found that I did yell at the TV more than once. It was similar to my reactions when I watch FSU football. (GO NOLES!)

What made me yell was that I heard a lot of “I did…” or “He/She did…” and not enough of ” I will…” This concerns me a great deal. Our country is in such a mess that we need a solid plan to fix what is wrong. I want to hear plans for fixing the crappy economy so that my husband and I can recoup the savings we had to burn up since Mr. Obama has been in office just so we can maintain the lifestyle we were used to.

I was shocked at the plan or lack thereof for several issues ( gun rights, equality, immigration, jobs) that about half way through I was about to give up and go to bed. Then I heard a few candidates, and I mean only three of them say “I will…” I perked my ears and listened.

To me the president should be a true patriot. Not a puppet for special interest money bags. He or she should be able to speak eloquently and clearly express what their intentions are when they are sitting in the most important chair in the world. He or she will work for me, the American people. He or she is a public servant on the highest level. It is the president’s job to protect my freedom in all ways possible. It is my job as an american citizen to support his or her mission by being a productive, caring, considerate citizen who upholds my part of the deal. I was impressed by a few of them last night, but none really swayed me to swear my allegiance to their camp.  Independence is a gift. Freedom is a honor that is compounded by the sacrifice of life. Being an American is a blessing.I want a president who is not afraid to be that strong pillar to stand for what is right, always. I want to know that the president who I get behind is that sort of unwavering patriot.

I hope that by November 2016 one candidate will come shining through with the plan to return America to its glory and get my beloved country out of the gutter it is currently occupying.

Last night I did not see that person, yet.

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