Thanks Caitlyn

You can say anything you want about Caitlyn Jenner. For a second let’s not think about the famous person that she is and look at the reason she’s famous. Pushing aside if you agree with her or not, you have to admit, that sometimes being true to yourself is not always easy. Being an authentic version of yourself all the time, being who you are and not a fake simile of what your family or society say you must be is a brave thing to do.  How different would you look inside and out if YOU lived as your true self? What things do you hide to save face with family or friends? Have you ever said, “Oh, we just don’t talk about that..” or “I could never do that, what would they think about me if I did?”‘

Caitlyn is brave to be herself. Live her life her way no matter what the rest of us think.

Instead of arguing about whether Caitlyn Jenner is a hero or not we should be thanking her. She made it perfectly clear that physical beauty, feminine and masculine is often an illusion. If cosmetics, clothing, surgery and medication can turn an average looking sixty-five year old man into a gorgeous woman who looks maybe forty-five, we should be paying attention. We should be paying attention to what our children, girls and boys are seeing and hearing. We should be shocked that this kind of fake beauty is celebrated. So, thank you Caitlyn for bringing to light that we as a society value physical beauty more than courage or kindness. Don’t believe me? Just turn on the T.V. or pick up a magazine.

It is our responsibility to teach children that true real beauty comes from who they are not just what they look like. They are more than looks.

I do not care what lifestyle you choose to live. Any person can be beautiful. Real beauty is kind, generous, trustworthy, loyal, and brave. True real beauty is FREE.  A person who is beautiful on the outside but who is mean, rude, and wrongs other people is an ugly person. When life gets down to the nitty gritty of what is real, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the heart of goodness and of doing what is right. Good looks, smooth skin, silky hair and nice body can be bought and manipulated. Exterior beauty will fade, but what you are in your heart and spirit is eternal. Let’s encourage not only our children but each other to be greater than what our looks dictate we should be. Let’s show the world what real and true beauty looks like.  Let’s celebrate that real true beauty comes from within not from what we can buy. Thank you, Caitlyn for starting the conversation that many are too afraid to start.





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