The Forgotten by David Baldacci

imageThe Forgotten was my first experience reading David Baldacci. I had watched his books go in and out of my library almost daily. I was curious why people like them so much. I get it now after my first book! I am a believer.

I was hooked from the first line.

“He had the look of a man who was afraid that tonight would be his last on earth.”

Not your typical investigative thriller, but if you are a Baldacci fan you already know that. I think that the men in my life who say they don’t like to read would like this book.This book is about forgotten people of the world that become “product” and are sold is prostitutes, drug mules and slave labor. John Puller an Army investigator falls in to the strange case when he visits Florida to investigate his Aunt’s death. The story, to someone who lives close to where this tale is set, finds it hard to believe that this area could be a hub for such a large crime syndicate. That may be naive of me, but I think our law enforcement is better than that. Once I suspended my disbelief and let the story become real to me I was truly in awe. I actually listened to the book on CD in my car then read the print at home in the evening. The audio book was the first book that I have listened to that had sound effects when the action was happening. Very cool.

The Forgotten is the second in the John Puller series. I have not read the first one yet. There were hints that something big has just happened to Puller, so now I feel that I must find out what it was that he went though in Virginia. That story is titled Zero Day.

Give David Baldacci a try and let me know what you think. Apparently I am behind the eight ball on his popularity. Glad I finally read one.