Halfway Point

We are at day eighteen of NaNoWriMo, just a bit past halfway. I’m working through a quandary. I appear to have two stories going about my main character. I started by using flashbacks to explain why she is the way she is and the flashbacks have taken on a story of their own. Here is the quandary. If I split the story I will have to focus on one or the other. Both storylines are not dependent on each other, but they support each.

Am I the only one when is ready to scrap the entire thing and start over? I know this is the hard part. This is where the meat is put into the story. In all fiction books you get to the middle and this is where the magic swells into a whirlwind of words and emotion. The lover gets a heart broken, the hero fights the dragon and the detective finds the right clues.

We must keep going. Reevaluate your outlines and plot structures but do not quit. Make the word count and clean it up in December. It will be fine and at the end you may even have a novel that is worth giving to the world.


But wait! Isn’t life sort of like writing a book? We move through our days and we have goals and responsibilities that make us insecure. We put words on the pages of our loves. Sometimes it is a magical piece of prose and sometimes in is gibberish  random thoughts that make no coherent sense.  If we keep on living and keep on working to the end of the thing.Write to the end of the page. Make the goal the carrot on the stick that we follow, what would happen? We may be successful. We may end up happy. Imagine that? Happy people everywhere.

Now if I can just take my own advice.


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