Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner does it again with another installment of the D. D. Warner series. This book is #5 in the Detective D. D Warren series and #1 in the Tessa Leoni series.  In this book Tessa, the protagonist, a Massachusetts State Police officer and mother of a young girl has murdered her husband in their sunny kitchen after a brutal beating.  Her daughter, Sophie is missing from their home. Tessa is arrested after evidence proves she is lying about the details. It is up to Tessa to find her little girl and prove her innocence. Plot twists and information is slowly fed to the reader, as Tessa races to find her daughter. She is amazingly resourceful as she stays one step ahead of Detective Warren.

Gardner’s fast paced writing style and captivating plots make you want to read her stories in one sitting. I however listen them on CD on my hour commute to and from work. I find myself wanting to bring the disk in to my home and office so I can listen to it there too. (I don’t but I want to!)  The reader for D.D. is superb. Kirsten Potter has a direct, bold voice that is the personification of D.D. Warren. Now when I read other D. D. Warren books, I hear her voice in my head.

The author has a list of all the D. D. Warren and Tessa Leoni books in order on her web site, just in case you are interested in following me down the rabbit hole.


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