A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler

I would call A Spool of Blue Thread an “in-between” novel or book. It is one of those books that don’t tax your brain with murderous clues or puzzles to figure out. It may cause some emotional responses for some people, though it didn’t really for me, but not the weeping sort that hang with you days after you stop reading it.

No, this book sort of meanders along like a lazy river in the summer. It babbles and turns slow and steady with no real rapids or speedy currents to contend with along the way.

Tyler tells us the stories of real people, a real family, real life. In this book, we meet the Whitshanks. Abby and Red have raised four children in their family home in Baltimore. As they grow older, their children deal with old family issues and changing roles. The second half of the book flashes back to Abby and Red’s younger days, as well as to their parents’ early relationships.

This pleasant novel that is perfect for a break between crime drama, adventure thrillers and tear jerking romances.

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