How did this happen?

Top-10-birthday-quotes-05My approaching birthday this Saturday isn’t a milestone year. I am well past forty and not near fifty, but I am reminded of where I have been. Getting older is causing me to reflect on my life and the people who have been in it. I have friends that have known me at my worst and who are still my friends. Those souls are special to me whether we speak every day or not. Yes, my family is special too. They are with me because they love me. My friends and family could leave me at any moment. They are with me out of not only love but loyalty.

If you knew me when I was a kid and/or teenager, and you have managed to stay friends with me, you must have unlimited patience  and strength to persevere. I was not an easy teenager to be around for sure and even a worse young adult trying to find my way. You stood with me and my crazy choices. Nerves of steel you had!

If you are a friend who met me after that time in my life, the spared ones, you have seen me change and come into my own. I am still not at the end of my journey, but I am a much-improved version of me.

Looking back I was the girl who refused to grow up  but was forced to by fate and circumstance to become an adult earlier than most. I wonder how did this happen? Was it not just yesterday  when I was in middle school, high school and then in my twenties? What happened?

Time waits for none and as I get older I swear it speeds up. I have every intention to enjoy the rest of my life. I hope that you, dear friends and family, are brave enough to hang on for the ride with me. Maybe I won’t grow up after all. Adventure awaits, let’s grab hold of it and fly.


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