Words and Actions

I recently spent some time thinking about words and actions in relation to emotion. I crave words and conversation from those I love. The writer in me is constantly looking for the perfect words. The lover in me wants to find the words to express my feelings. The librarian in me wants to share my love of words with others. The interchange of thought is like energy passed between souls. Reading or speaking words is a power that can be dangerous.  We live in a digital society. We spend countless hours communicating with each other through various devices. I prefer texting for quick conversation and for constant contact with loved ones. I have two dear friends that I am in a perpetual text conversations that will never end. Well, not until someone drops a cell phone or one of us dies. This method of communication isn’t always the best choice depending on the person and the topic shared.

The problem with quasi communications like text or chats is that emotion is not accurately expressed or communicated. The easy ones can be expressed with emojis. The more intense emotions or feelings do not come across clearly. Tired, scared, peaceful, tense, agitated, content….these and many many more are harder to read. That is where clear words or making an actual phone call is better than counting on the person to read between the lines. Think seriously before you speak or text words. You are risking a lot of emotion when you do.

Actions on the other hand speak well and clear. If someone kisses you, they like you. If someone hits you,  they don’t like you. They spend time with you, touch you, look at you and you see love in their eyes…then you are loved. Someone ignores you, you do not matter.

Words and actions are weapons of mass destruction of hearts. However you choose to use them you are responsible for the outcome. Use them wisely.


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