As those of you who know me personally know, I am in the midst of a divorce. Twenty three years has been boiled down to who gets what property and money. All this has caused me to think about what marriage is and what it was supposed to be.

We all know that Adam and Eve were the first couple. Eve was a part of Adam. She literally came out of him. I think marriage love is the need inside a man, in his deepest soul to find that missing piece that was taken from him when he was created and for women to find their missing home. There are several biblical  verses about two becoming one flesh that support this idea.

The trouble is we don’t listen to our hearts and souls when we fall in love. We listen to our bodies and minds. As a result we end up connected with the wrong persons and not the one God intended for us to be part of.

Man has diluted marriage to a legal contract. A heartless transaction of lives that may or may not contain love.

The only true peace in marriage comes when you are able to transcend the man-made version of marriage and embrace God’s marriage structure. Easier said than done right?

It is easy when you listen to your heart. Turn off the voices of passion and tell your brain to shut up. Listen to God speaking to you in that still small voice in your soul when you look in to the eyes of the one you love. God will answer….yes this is your missing piece.

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