Now or Never

I have become an impulsive person over the past few weeks. I am usually the one to look at all the options, make a pro and con list and analyze the problem to death. Not any more. I have embraced some very primal and basic principles for living. I am not jumping out into oblivion but I am not being critical of myself and my decisions. I have changed the way I look at life. I have had some anxiety over this major change in my core system of living, but I have also found freedom. This freedom is incredible and unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Here is my new list of life mottos…I reserve the right to add to it as my journey progresses. Maybe one or two of these will speak to you.

  1. Enjoy the ride. No matter what life throws at you good or bad, find a way to enjoy it, enjoy something attached to it or enjoy the outcome.
  2. If it feels good, do that. If something makes your feel good in your spirit, mind or body. Do that. Eat the desert, listen to the song, kiss the boy (girl) or look at the sunset.
  3. Focus on one thing at the time. I have a bouncy brain that has trouble focusing on anything. Make a point to pin down the one important thing at that moment and focus on that before you move on to the next thing. This one is difficult but not impossible. No more multitasking in your head.
  4. Do not over think. If something is right it is right no amount of over thinking will make it better. If something is wrong it will still be wrong if you think it over for a couple of hours or days. Just stop the over thinking.
  5. Do not look back except for pleasurable and happy memories. You are not going backwards, don’t spend too much time looking that way.
  6. Now or Never. Why wait for happiness? Why wait for the answer? If it brings you peace do not wait. If you have to wait for a reason, make it a valid one.
  7. Let love be your lens. Love everyone you come in contact with, treat all humans with respect. Ok, this one is not new, but it is important to remember that the entire reason to exist in the first place is to love and be loved.

Life is nothing but a chain of moments that connect us with each other and with God. Living in the moment is as simple a life as a person can have. That is the point of this list. Stay in the moment. Love in the moment. Live in the moment.

If you have one to add to my list, drop it in the comments or email me



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