Life is a Series of moments

We think of life as a cumulative of our experiences rather than the series of moments. We look back and see that we did certain things good and bad. We assume,that our life is the sum of all that we have done or had done too us. In reality life is nothing but a series of moments that we live though. Good and bad, sad and happy we live through each one and learn for each experience. What collects are our responses to the moments and our expectation over what will happen when a similar moment comes again.

We start life as babies, a blank slate that is drawn upon by the life that we lead. What we learn writes itself on our slate. We see life and we learn. We experience things and we grow. We live each moment and build on them one by one. Some moments we can control others we can’t but the result is the same. We learn moment by moment. We adjust our response by what we know happened in the past.

One thing we need to remember is that through each of these moments when we respond we either give control of our feelings to others or we control our feelings. We alone are responsible for our happiness.

We can either stay in the driver’s seat and become who we want to be or we can let other people control who we become. The trick is finding the balance between letting some one you love in to your secret place where your slate is and keeping true to yourself.  Sometimes if you risk letting that person in to write on your slate the result is happiness beyond measure. Other times the outcome is heartbreak.

Chose to risk the hurt sometimes. Choose to live. Happiness and peace that comes with sharing life with another person is so very much worth the risk.


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