It Works (Pt 1)

I know it is hard for some people to believe that God really listens to prayer. I mean if you think about it how does it happen that God can hear each and every prayer said, thought, breathed by every praying person every second of every day? Reminds me of that scene from Bruce Almighty when the main character hears all the prayers instantly, all at once. Is that what God hears? 

That part will remain a mystery for us.

All of the logistics aside, prayer works. I am living proof. I have people, love, and other things in my life that are all answers to prayer. I can sit here for hours and tell you all the things, it would take a long time. Each one just as miraculous as the other. Each one an answer to a precise prayer I uttered from my mouth to God and some unspoken ones in times of sadness when I did not have the words. You will say, sure sure. Maybe you believe me. Maybe you do not.

Until you experience a true answered prayer for yourself you will either believe me or think I am crazy. Either one is ok with me. I will still pray for you.

3 thoughts on “It Works (Pt 1)

    • Isn’t prayer amazing and humbling all at the same time? 🙂 I would not be where I am this moment without God’s blessings. Even the unanswered ones where I was stepping out of His plan. I can look back and see where I was so wrong and God’s no was a blessing too.


      • It sure is. His “no’s” are a blessing as well. I find myself at times thanking Him for telling me no.
        And the best thing about it is that I can rejoice in the no, because it would of destroyed me. He knows what is best.

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