New Life Here I come!

Some of you know me and know that I have done a radical thing in my life. I resigned a job with a company that I have been with since Jan of 1994. WHY? You ask in this economy would you do that? Well it was a good job. Not an awesome job. I was stressed to the highest level a person could be stressed at work and it was literally killing me. I was on three high blood pressure meds and not getting any better. I spiraled into a deep depression that affected everyone in my life. I was a mess.  I thought I was having a heart attack one day and the cardiologist said, ” Not a heart attack. The only thing wrong with you is you are over stressed and over weight.” I responded that I can fix both of those.

First thing I did was get on my knees. I am a Christian and that is what we do. We pray. We ask everyone we know who is faithful in prayer to pray for us. Give a Christian bad news they beg for prayer.

Next, I joined a gym. (They ROCK! meet them here!) I weighed in at 290 lbs. I can not BELIEVE I weighed that much!  My trainer Lindsey weighed me on a doctor’s office type scale but made me stand on the thing backwards! I have no idea what I weigh now but that isn’t my focus anyway. I just want to feel better and I do feel better and I have more energy.

The next step was a reevaluation my life. How did I get here? How can I change it?

When I started talking to people I realized I was not alone! There are so many of you, yes you, out there going through the exact some thing. We are working ourselves to death. Our lives are not about living they are about making money, having the latest and greatest. We are plunged in to every electronic device imaginable. We are all living virtual lives and killing ourselves to do it.

Like me many of you want to change the way you are living. Maybe through these blog posts of my journey, what I am doing, reading, learning, I can help you.

SO, hang with me. Let’s see what happens!


This blog has been stagnate for a long time. I have not lost interest in books or writing book reviews, I am still reading and reviewing.  I just think it is time for a change here. I am in a sea of changes right now. I am changing my life for the better, so I want my blogs to change with me. This blog will continue to contain book reviews but I am also going to use it for a journal of sorts about my new adventure. I have few readers now I am hoping that the change will attract more readers in the future.

I ask that you stay with me. Comment on what you like. Comment on what you hate and be honest.

With that said, hold on for the ride. First thing is a new look.

so here we go!

Lori Leigh