Kirk Was Wrong


Captain James Tiberius Kirk was wrong. Space is not the final frontier. Time is the final frontier to explore. It is impossible to explore time without investigating space, but that is not what I am talking about here. Let’s look at time as a measurement of our existence.  We humans view time from our meager tiny perspectives as a line of beginning, ending and continuing. Time, like God has always been, with no beginning and no ending. The difference is that time as we perceive it and use it is an illusion.

We wake up, travel through the day with the clock at the ready. Time appears to tick on and on. It seems to be a unit of measure. Time is nothing more than a fabrication of our need to know when we are in the existence of the world. There is no time. There is only existence and being. We live on this planet and we move through our lives in one constant motion of life. Generations are born and generations die but the human race continues. Life continues with or without our knowing what time, year or month it is on the calendar or clock.

In my experience my fellow Christians are closed minded to this concept that time is an illusion. Other religions embrace the theory. According to the Hindu theory of creation, time (Sanskrit ‘kal’) is a manifestation of God. Creation begins when God makes his energies active and ends when he withdraws all his energies into a state of inactivity. God is timeless, for time is relative and ceases to exist in the Absolute. The Absolute is the spiritual realm. The past, the present and the future coexist in him simultaneously.  God creates the cycle of time, called Kalachakra, in order to create divisions and movements of life and sustain the worlds in periodic time frames. God also uses time to create the illusions of life and death for us the living immortals.

There is Biblical proof that time is an illusion. The Bible tells us God is everywhere and all at once. There is a vail the blocks our human sight from the spiritual. There are several verses that talk about the spirt world being hidden. The most notable is in Mathew 17 where Jesus speaks to Moses and Elijah. To do so Jesus has to transform from the physical and  take on his true spiritual self. He moved from the limited physical world to the world of absolute.

What if we could see past time? Past our continuation on this plane of existence? What if we could see time as how God sees it in the spiritual realm? We would see our place in the big picture of creation. The boundaries of the physical would be so unimportant that we would live fully knowing that this is not the end. Time would not control us. All it would take is for us to accept the fact that we do not see the whole picture. By accepting our limited perception, we would be free to be our true selves, not the fabricated versions that society has created us to be. Our daily lives would still be dictated by the clock, it is how we function in society, but the stress of loss and regret would be irrelevant. We would see that this life is a temporary state of being and not our true state. We would know that our love and loved ones are still out there existing. That life continues past what we can see.

If we begin to live in the spiritual mindset outside of time, conscience of the spiritual,  we would take away the control of stress and worry. We would live as free spirits only visiting the physical. The small things that disrupt our peace would disappear. Life would be amazingly peaceful and light.

Blink…Blink… Blink…

I have been looking at the blinking cursor all day. Well, not all day but a big part of the day, trying to write something. I am at a point where I can hear the words whispering in my head in ghostly far off voices, but not materializing into typed words.  All I can manage is to stare at the blinking cursor like a schoolmarm tapping her foot at me waiting for some brilliant prose to come spewing forth on the white page. It just isn’t coming today, so I closed that intimidating  screen and found myself here.

There is something non threatening about blog writing. It is not meant to be the greatest words or ideas that the world has ever seen. It is not expecting to be the next great American novel. So far my blog has done none of that, it is not going to. It is a place for ideas about books to have a home. A place for me to share thoughts and observations. Mostly it is a place for me to share what I have learned. Like Carol Burnett said, “We don’t stop going to school when we graduate.” My blog is a classroom, a canvas, and a open page.  Blogs are easy carefree sort of workings that allow people to connect over ideas and thoughts. They are meant to be conversations and announcements, but sometimes when you least expect it they are perfectly penned prose that leave you breathless wanting more. Wanting the rest of the story and asking, where can I buy the book?

I don’t know if my blog will ever grow into wonderful things worth expanding to book form. Right now I am just happy to have a place to write freely without judgement or recourse if the passages are not scintillating and grand.

It is just words and words are everything.

The Sameness of Life

Today is a normal Saturday. I woke up and did the normal things I do. I sat down and wrote about 2.5K words on my novel. Then I started laundry and took something out of the freezer for dinner. As I was going through the motions of life I came to realize that the more life has changed for me, it is really the same as it has always been.

I live in a different house than I did ten years ago. I have a different job than I had just three years ago. I still do laundry, go shopping and cook for my family, though my daughter has moved away. Now my everyday family consists of my husband and our furry children. I still have to decide what to wear, what to do with my spare time and plan for the holidays.I still pay bills, go to church, make my bed and do chores.  My next thought was man, this is so dull and boring. I am no different from my parents or grandparents. I didn’t become something special like they said I could.Well, maybe I am special, just not famous like I thought I would be when I was ten and singing into my hairbrush.  I am just living not much differently than they did all those years before me.  Life is the same.

Oh, sure I do things a bit different. I order birthday gifts online. Where as my mom and grandmother would stroll the aisles of Gayfers,Dillards or some other retail conglomerate for hours until they found the perfect gift. I get my news from my cell phone. My dad and grandpa got it from Tom Brokaw at the 5 pm news hour after telling me to get up and push the channel buttons. When I was a teenager I used to talk on the kitchen phone with the twenty-five foot cord attached as I sat on top of the fridge snacking on Ziggers and drinking Dr. Pepper. Yes, on top of the refrigerator. I can’t tell you why. I just sat on the fridge. Now kids text, instagram and video chat.

Though we do things in different ways we still do the same things our parents and grandparents did. We work and take care of life. We function as we should in a normal day-to-day way. I find this ebb and flow of everyday life comforting. Yes crisis come and go but for the most part we find our way back to the sameness of life. Doing what we have to do in ways that are what they are for our time and our place in history.

As I chunk the last load of laundry in the dryer, I think about what my grandkids may be doing twenty years from now.  Maybe they will be special and famous like I tell them they will. I hope they find  peace in the simple things of life like laundry as I do.



Writing is Easy

Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” – Gene Fowler

Like many writers I have pieces and parts of stories,  novels, and  poetry. I have scraps of characters, plots and settings all over the place. They are written on scraps of paper and in notes on my compete and in my phone.  Most of which are complete ideas but not completely written. As I work through actually completing a novel I am learning just as much if not more about myself as I am about writing. For instance, did you know that you can procrastinate for several minutes just by staring inside the refrigerator even when you aren’t hungry? Or that If you snuggle your puppy taking a nap is easier than forming sentences?

I have discovered that I am an expert at not writing .I can find other things to do very easily. Not that writing is hard, it isn’t. Writing is the easy part. Writing and still living a normal life is not so easy. You still have to eat, sleep, spend time with loved ones, and work (unless you’re independently wealthy). I like to eat and spend time with family. I am not wealthy so I have a job that I love. When I sit down to write writing happens. I manage to sweat blood and get words down. The hardest part is getting the time to sit down in the first place.

I found that just making myself sit and write when I have time will get words out and stories will come to fruition. Even if I don’t want to sitting and writing something even nonsense is the best way to start. Once I start writing the stopping is not as difficult.


Are you a WriMo?

November is National Novel Writing Month affectionately called NaNoWriMo. I have bee a participant for four years. It is one of the most taxing stressful wonderful things I do.

You commit to writing 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. You make friends and support each other. Then you claim your win! It is that simple and that difficult.

How is it possible to write an entire novel in a month? Well others have done it. I have not.  I have been so close, so very close year after year. I am determined that this is my year!

If you decided to jump on this crazy train look me up. We can be writing buddies. My username is my name. I know not very creative. I am about as transparent as a window.

Check out NaNoWriMo here or the nifty logo below.



every day by David Levithan

There is something simplistic in this story that hooked me and angered me from the beginning. The person, thing, being who tells the story wakes up inside a different body every day. The book starts on day 5994, so we know he/she is not brand new. The story twists and turns throughout normal and not so normal days as the being lives the life of a different person every day. The mundane things we just do, shower, work, school, family relationships are all a challenge for the being who calls itself “A”.

I am not sure if Levithan intended for the reader, me in this case, to react with anger. I was mad that A seemed so heartless and unconcerned as he/she attempted to not interfere with the lives of the bodies he/she inhabited. I understand that a life can’t be changed in a day, or can it? The being can’t control who it will be in day after day,but it can control what happens during that day, than moment and that second. A is selfish and yet concerned about the host at the same time which causes great conflict in the reader. This feeling angers me in ways that I truly don’t understand, which in turn is pulling me to read more of Levithan’s work. Maybe that is the intent. I have to know if this character is unique or if this schism in the character’s personality is normal for this writer.

I hesitate to continue my rant, because I want more of you to read this book and tell me if you feel the same after you close it.


All I want to do is read and write, but there are so many distractions. Movies, parties, charity events, and school. I can’t say no to school but I find that I am having to say no to a lot of fun things. For the most part it is because of school reading but not all of it is for school.

Finding the balance of reading and life is difficult. I start to feel sickly if I get out of balance. Tired, crabby and just not myself when I can’t read. Then add the added stress of wanting to write and having to complete school assignments and you have one out of sorts bibliophile.

I am working on creating a balancing act that will fix all this. I went to church. I find that I can ground the rest of my life easily enough after I go to church. I feel better already. Next I am going to try to write out a schedule that is flexible enough to work around school and my job. Yeah there is work too. The icing on the cake, next Friday is the start of NANOWRIMO. I have been involved with Nanowrimo for years, it is what writers wait for, like when you are a kid waiting on Santa to come on Christmas eve.

I have to figure this out and fast.