Words With A Phantom

Her:  I can’t write it that means I have to think about you.

Him: You are the only one who can write it.

Her: Please don’t make me write it! I just want to cry, cry until I have no tears left.

Him: I don’t see any tears…

Her: No they won’t come…..I can’t cry any more. I haven’t cried in years.

Him: Hard to cry without a shoulder to cry on.

Her: You are gone, remember?

Him: No I am right behind you… I will always be here…no one can keep me away from you now…..

Her: I need to cry but the tears won’t come…..I want a time machine to go back to that day, that cold crisp January day….then the other days…when you walked away…..

Him: I am here.

Her: What if I forget?

Him: You will remember….you will never forget…it’s like breathing.

Her: I hate you for leaving…I hate we were apart…..I hate…..

Him: Careful…hate is not a word you need…breathe…pray…write…I love you. Love is the only word you need.

Her: I love you now and always.

(He silently smiles)

© Lori Leigh Riddles 2012

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